Can you cook macarons on parchment paper?

Does using parchment paper affect baking time?

Using parchment paper to bake cookies can save time and energy. Unbaked cookies are placed directly onto the parchment paper, eliminating the need to grease the cookie sheet. While a batch of cookies is baking, portion out the remaining cookie dough onto sheets of parchment paper.

Is parchment paper better for macarons?

Unfortunately, parchment paper and wax paper are not interchangeable. To make a flawless macaron you need a non-stick, heat-safe surface to pipe your cookie on, and parchment paper is a great solution. Plus, not all wax papers are meant to go in the oven, they could melt or worse ignite (yikes!).

Is parchment or Silpat better for macarons?

With my silpat, the shells will pop right off with little to no effort and they keep their shape. I do notice that the “feet” will look differently with the silpat than they do with parchment paper. … With that being said, if you’re making my Chocolate Italian Macarons, parchment paper is the way to go.

How do you get full macaron shells?

If your macaron shells have just a little bit of gap at the top, don’t fret. Once you fill the macarons and mature them in the fridge for about 24 hours, they’ll magically fill back up.

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