Frequent question: What does he Fried mean?

What does fried mean slang?

(slang) Stoned; under the influence of drugs. Man, I got totally fried on weed at Chad’s party. ‘ adjective.

What means Fry Guy?

Informal to be excessively hot. 3 Slang (chiefly U.S.) to kill or be killed by electrocution, esp.

What is this word fried?

cooked in a pan or on a griddle over direct heat, usually in fat or oil. Slang. drunk; inebriated. intoxicated from drugs; high. exhausted or incapacitated through intemperance; burned-out.

What does a fried person mean?

a : intoxicated, high … too fried on crystal meth to be gambling on a game of pool, but doing it nonetheless.—

What is Fryboy?

Fry Boy is an alter ego of SpongeBob SquarePants. He wears a superhero suit with two spatulas put in his belt. He has hair (which is weird, because SpongeBob doesn’t usually have hair) and is able to throw Krabby Patties into someone’s mouth.

What does fry mean in England?

British Dictionary definitions for fry (1 of 3)

fry 1. / (fraɪ) / verb fries, frying or fried. (when tr, sometimes foll by up) to cook or be cooked in fat, oil, etc, usually over direct heat. (intr) informal to be excessively hot.

What is a fry noun?

fry. noun (1) plural fries. Definition of fry (Entry 2 of 4) 1 : a social gathering or picnic where food is fried and eaten a fish fry.

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What is the sentence of fried?

Fried sentence example. She rolled the pieces of meat in flour and fried them. The office was small but clean and smelled of fried food. Brandon scowled at his mother as he handed her the tray of fried chicken.