How long do you cook frozen French bread pizza?

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How do you cook a frozen French bread pizza?

Conventional Oven Instructions

  1. Oven bake for Golden Crispy Crust, Preheat oven to 375°F.
  2. Remove pizza(s) from box & wrap. Pour ingredients left in wrap onto pizza.
  3. Place pizza(s) on baking sheet, center rack.
  4. Cook pizza(s) for 24 minutes. * For 1 or 2 pizzas use the same cook time.

How long do I cook a Stouffer’s French Bread Pizza?

Place pizza on baking sheet, center rack. Cook: 30 minutes let stand 1 minute.

What is the temperature for Stouffer’s French Bread Pizza?

Preheat oven to 350 degrees F (toaster oven to 325 degrees F). Remove pizza from box and plastic bag. 2. Place pizza on a baking sheet on center rack in oven or on a tray in toaster oven.

How long do I microwave Stouffer’s French Bread Pizza?

Microwave pizza on high: 1 pizza 1-1/2 minutes 2 pizzas 2-1/2 minutes. Carefully place pizza on baking sheet, center oven rack. Bake 6 minutes.

Does digiorno French bread pizza cooking instructions?

How long do you cook digiorno French bread pizza? Bake 24 to 27 minutes. Let pizzas stand for 5 minutes and enjoy! Product must be cooked thoroughly to 165°F for food safety and quality.

How do I bake store bought French bread?

Baking Instructions: Preheat conventional oven to 385 degrees F. Remove bread from packaging. Place bread directly in center of oven rack. Bake 8-10 minutes, or until crust is golden brown.

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How many calories are in a Stouffer’s French Bread Pizza?

Per Pizza: 360 calories; 6 g sat fat (30% DV); 700 mg sodium (30% DV); 5 g total sugars; 15 protein (16% DV); 290 mg calcium (20% DV).