What is the difference between a panini and a grilled sandwich?

Are Paninis the same as grilled sandwiches?

A panini is a sandwich made from bread that is not sliced bread and grilled on both sides, usually using some kind of press. This is why a grilled cheese sandwich is not a panini. … So, while all paninis are sandwiches, not all sandwiches are paninis.

What qualifies as a panini?

: a usually grilled sandwich made with Italian bread.

What is the difference between a panini and a melt?

A heated press on the top side of the sandwich grilling it at the same time as the bottom. A melt is made on a grill, with sliced bread. A panini is made in a press on ciabatta. A melt is the same thing as a grilled cheese.

Can you put lettuce in a panini?

Love to include lettuce in your panini, but can’t stand to have them wilt in the grilling process? … Grill your sandwich and then insert anything you’d like to keep leafy – lettuce, spinach, arugula, cilantro to name a few – right before serving.

Is panini the same as focaccia?

Confused ? A Panini is actually an Italian name for sandwiches ( It’s a plural of Panino) . While a Sandwich in general represents anything between the two breads , Panini uses a specific Italian bread like Focaccia or Ciabatta. ( Focaccia is typically a flat bread while Ciabatta is baked as loaf bread.

Do all paninis have cheese?

They are filled with different ingredients, then warmed and toasted in a panini maker or press. Cheese is usually one of the main ingredients of this sandwich, but it’s not the only one. There are other panini options for those who, for some reason, can’t eat cheese.

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