How do you steam a hard boiled egg without a steamer basket?

Is it better to steam or boil hard boiled eggs?

With steamed eggs, contact with ultra-hot water vapor heats the egg in the same way that boiling water or a hot cast-iron pan would. The only difference is that steam will cook your egg more gently, resulting in a more tender egg white and creamier yolk.

How do you keep steamed eggs from sticking?

Getting rid of lumps and bubbles

In order to make the steamed egg super smooth, you need to remove any lumps and bubbles in the egg water mixture prior to steaming. If possible, use a sieve to filter when pouring the mixture into steaming bowl(s).

Are steamed eggs easier to peel?

Steaming eggs, rather than boiling them, makes for the easiest and best way to peel hard-boiled eggs perfectly.

How do you boil eggs without the shell sticking?

To prevent any of the egg from oozing out of the shell, add about 1/2 teaspoon white vinegar to the water before heating to boil. When I do this, the cracked egg cooks perfectly just like all the others in the pot.

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How long does it take to steam an egg?

Add 1 inch of water to a large pot. Place steamer insert inside, cover, and bring to a boil over high heat. Add eggs to steamer basket, cover, and continue cooking, 6 minutes for soft-boiled eggs or 12 minutes for hard-boiled.

How can I steam without a steamer?

The technique is simple: fill a medium pot with 1/2 inch of water, place three golf ball–sized balls of aluminum foil on the bottom, rest a heat-proof plate on top of the foil balls, cover the pot, and bring the water to a boil. Add vegetables to the plate, cover, and steam until crisp-tender.

How do you steam eggs without a steamer?

Place the eggs in a saucepan in a single layer and fill the pan with enough cold water to cover the eggs by about an inch. Bring to a rolling boil over high heat, then remove the pan from the heat, cover and let stand for 10 minutes.

Why do steam eggs have holes?

If you notice unsightly holes in your eggs or rough surface, you most probably need to reduce your fire the next round. Liquid is used to dilute the protein contents making your eggs smooth and soft. By liquid, it could be water, stock or even milk. … The recommended ratio is 1:1.5 eggs to liquid ratio.

Is it better to peel hard boiled eggs hot or cold?

The most important step to getting a perfect, pock-free peel is to tap your hard-boiled eggs with a spoon or roll them on the countertop to crack the shells before you shock the eggs in cold water. This will loosen the membrane and make them easier to peel. … Ideally, peel the eggs as soon as they’re cool.

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Why does Jeff Potter recommend using old eggs for steaming?

Rather than boiling them under an inch of water, Potter’s method involves steaming them above the water. … By steaming an egg, the shell and membrane heat up really quickly. By “shocking” it in this manner, the membrane isn’t able to stick to the egg white.

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